Targus Universal Docking Stations

Connect any device, anywhere

We are increasingly mobile in our working lives and most of us carry at least 3 devices to stay productive throughout the day. When we arrive at a meeting or a desk environment we want to connect and power our devices easily.

Targus Universal Docking Stations are compatible with any device and ensure your workforce can be productive wherever they choose to work.

Universal Docking Stations boost productivity

Connect Any device

Phone, Laptop, Tablet Devices

Save time and use one Targus Universal Docking Station to connect your laptop, tablet or phone to your desk peripherals.

Laptop Charging

Built-In Charger

Save the hassle of carrying a power charger, Targus Universal Docks have a unique power tip system to charge all major OEM laptop brands.

Increase Screen Use

Screen Estate

You can boost employee productivity by 50% when using two monitors or a large split screen. Targus Universal Docks make it easy to work at eye-level by connecting any device to monitors.

Create productive workspaces for everyone


Field-based employees drop into the office for a few hours to get some important work done and they need to be super-productive. Provide a screen, keyboard and mouse for comfortable content creation and ensure connectivity and power for their device with a Targus Universal Docking Station.

  • Connect laptops, tablets or phones to productive desk peripherals
  • Built-in power charging for all major OEM laptop brands
  • Ensure use of Ethernet with Auto Wi-Fi On/Off when device is at the desk

Permanent Desks

Office-based employees can be up to 50% more productive when working from dual screens, but even one screen ensures comfort and productivity stays high. Tailor the number of screens and resolution to the type of work employees are doing - CAD, Graphic Design, Accounts. Choose a Targus Universal Docking Station to best suit your monitor and hardware estate.

  • Support up to 4k resolution across dual screens
  • DisplayPort, DVi options
  • Auto-Display configuration

Meeting Spaces

Every minute counts in a meeting situation, convert the time wasted trying to get started and seamlessly connect to meeting room projectors, screens or TVs with a Targus USB Multi-Display Adapter.

  • Compatible with laptops, tablets and phones
  • Extends device connectivity by adding HDMI, VGA & Ethernet ports
  • Requires no power, just plug in and go

Our Universal Docking Station Range

Dual Video 2k with Built In Power Universal Docking Station ACP77EU

Dual Video @ 2k
with Built-In Power
Universal Dock


Best For:

  • 2 screens @ 2k resolution
  • Mixed screen port estate, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI
  • Built-in power charging
Targus Dual Video HD with Built-In Power Universal Docking Station

Dual Video @ HD
with Built-In Power
Universal Dock


Best For:

  • 2 screens @ HD resolution
  • Screen estates using DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI
  • Built-in power charging
Targus Hydra Power Cable

Hydra Cable for
Universal Docks
with Power


Best For:

  • Makes it even easier to provide charging for different laptop brands and models
  • Connects to Targus Docks with Power
Targus Hydra Power Cable



Best For:

  • Convert existing docks to Type C compatibility: Use with USB-C devices and Targus Powered Docking Stations ACP71 & ACP77
  • Connect and power USB-C devices at the office
Targus Single Video 4k Universal Docking Station

Single Video @4k
Universal Dock


Best For:

  • 4k on single screen, HD on 2 screens
  • Extended connectivity, 6 USB ports
  • Screen Estates using DisplayPort & DVI
Targus USB-C DV1K-SV4K Universal Docking Station

Universal Dock


Best For:

  • Universal Dock for USB-C devices, with laptop charging
  • Choice of video display ports: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D
  • 3x USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports
Targus Dual Video HD Universal Docking Station

Dual Video @ HD
with Displayport
Universal Dock


Best For:

  • 2 screens @HD resolution
  • 2 screens using DisplayPort
  • DisplayPort only screen estate
Targus Dual Video HD Universal Docking Station Low Energy

Dual Video @ HD
Universal Dock


Best For:

  • 2 screens @HD resolution
  • Screen estates using DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI
  • Low energy (5v), small foot print
Targus Multi Display Adapter


Multi-Display Adapter


Best For:

  • Extending device connectivity
  • Adds HDMI, VGA & Ethernet ports
  • Connect to projectors, monitors & TVs

How we work


Business productivity matters which is why Targus deliver unrivalled Technical Support. With a 4 hour response time if you should have any issues at any stage of your project, from proof of concept, to roll-out or within 3 years of implementation we will be there.

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Taking time to understand your business need is why Targus is selected time and again to consult and deliver projects from hardware refreshes, to office re-structuring, we offer unbiased, trusted advice on current and future technology considerations.


Keep your business ahead of the curve with Targus, our product portfolio reflects the latest advances and is ready for you to take advantage when the time is right for your business.

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