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80% of Remote Workers Could Be 25% More Productive

80% of Remote Workers Could Be 25% More Productive
A home workspace setup -- complete with a universal docking station, a laptop, laptop stand, monitor, and wireless keyboard and mouse -- can improve the productivity of remote workers.

Anaheim, California – May 18, 2016 - Survey results released today by Targus shows that employees who work remotely could be 25% more productive if provided the proper equipment. The study found that 80% of remote workers in a cross-section of jobs and industries struggle with just a laptop, largely because only 35% of the companies have a remote work equipment policy.

A free online calculator shows that companies who buy the proper technology for their remote employees can recover the cost of the equipment in less than three months with an ROI of 16:1 assuming a conservative productivity increase of just 15%.

“The research we’ve done makes it clear there’s a real bottom-line benefit for companies that provide remote workers with standardized equipment,” said Carolyn Perrier, Vice President of Marketing for Targus. “If employees are checking their work email outside of the office they’re already working remotely. And this research indicates that enterprises should take the next step. An investment in the right tools for remote workers can be paid back in just a few months.”

A review of other research, conducted by Global Workplace Analytics for Targus, found that remote workers are more engaged than those in an office, which can lead to more satisfied customers, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, and a 22% increase in a company’s bottom line.

Details on the study have been published in an eBook by Targus.

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