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Protect your on-screen data

On average employees are 50% less productive when their visual privacy is at risk. Targus Privacy Screens narrow the viewing angle so data is only visible from directly in front of the screen. Onlookers to either side only see a dark, unclear screen meaning you can work comfortably and productively  with confidential information wherever you are. It also acts as a screen protector.

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Targus Privacy Screens

Are touchscreen-compatible

Have an     anti-microbial     coating

Have an anti-glarenon-reflective screen

Any screen, any size

Targus Privacy Screens are available to fit tablet, laptop and desktop monitor screens from 9.7 to 27 including the latest devices.

Not sure which Privacy Screen will fit your device? Visit our easy-to-use Privacy Screen Finder.

Find the right privacy screen for your device

Targus Privacy Screens preferred by 7/10

How to attach your Targus Privacy Screen:

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