World Travel 4 x USB Charger


Power up four devices at once with the USB 4-Way International Fast Charger. With four world adapters and a compact design it’s made to travel and keep your smartphone, tablet, and laptop fully charged on the go.

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Wherever your business (or personal) travel takes you, it’s essential to be fully charged for the journey. And the USB 4-Way International Fast Charger powers up four devices at once, with four adapters that will plug into standard outlets virtually anywhere in the world. That way, you can send out that last email, knock out a project, or find your way on your map app without any of your devices powering down. Its compact design easily slips into an already-full briefcase or suitcase. And its smart detection feature automatically detects the exact charge that’s required by the connected devices to deliver the maximum charging speed. Plug into standard outlets for super-speedy recharging around the globe.


Charge up to 4 USB devices simultaneously

Outputs up to 4.8 AMPS

2.4-AMP fast tablet charge to quickly charge most tablets

Supports USB 2.0, compatible with USB 1.1 for charging devices

Includes 4 world adapters and a travel bag

Automatically detects the charge required by your device

Easily fits in carry-ons and suitcases with a compact design

Works With
USB Devices
Up to 4.8 amps
Package Dimensions
7.00" x 4.25" x 2.11" (W x H x D)
Package Weight
0.49 lbs
Limited 1-Year Warranty