Privacy Screens

7 Out of 10 Prefer Targus 4Vu™ Privacy Screens*

We wanted to see what the results would be if all our 4Vu Privacy Screens were put to the test in comparison to the competition. With brand names covered up and over 100 random people surveyed, 4Vu Privacy Screens were selected 7 out of 10 times versus the competition on various factors including privacy range, brightness, clarity and ease of installation. There’s a reason that 70% chose us. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

* Based on a survey of more than 100 people performed by employees of Targus, Inc. No employees, paid contractors, family members or sponsors of Targus, Inc. were included within the survey results.

We’ve Got You Covered

Work happens everywhere: in airplanes and cafes, open office spaces and client conference rooms where visual data is ready for the taking. Designed to attach to your tablet or monitor and shield your documents from casual viewers, the screen offers an opaque view to anyone not directly in front of your laptop or monitor. So you can view, read, or type with confidence, even in a crowded room.

Blue Light Filtering

The 4Vu Privacy Screen filters blue light to reduce eye strain and minimize the potentially harmful effects on your vision.

60° Viewing Angle

Content is visible only to the person directly in front of the screen and up to 30° on either side. You have full clarity and visibility, while onlookers or passersby see only a black screen.

Not All Privacy Screens Are Created Equal

Targus 4Vu Privacy Screens are integral to keeping data from prying eyes in and outside of the office. Complete with both glossy and matte sides to suit specific viewing preferences and low-reflective coating, the tiny vertical blinds on the surface of each privacy screen narrow the viewing angle to protect private information from onlookers.

Anti-Microbial Treatment

4Vu Privacy Screens feature SKANE™ M-8 Anti-Microbial treatment to stand up to frequent handling without degradation, so they’re ideal for touchscreen devices.

Hassle-Free Installation

Each 4Vu Privacy Screen includes reusable silicon adhesive strips to easily attach the screen on or under your bezel, or directly onto your screen.

A Clear View

Our Low-Reflective Coating reduces glare and improves light transmittance under most viewing conditions. The result is brightness up to 12.4% higher than competitive privacy screens.

Find The Right Fit For Your Device

Use our Privacy Screen finder tool to locate the right screen for your tablet, laptop or monitor.

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