Docking Stations

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Universal Compatibility

When we say universal, we mean it. Our docking stations connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to a variety of peripherals, from monitors and printers to keyboards and external hard drives. That compatibility isn’t limited to your hardware. Our docks also work across major operating systems, including Windows®, macOS™, Android™, Chrome™, and Linux®.

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One Cable Connection

Transition from laptop to desktop with a single USB connection. With a Targus dock there’s no need to plug in accessories and peripherals each time you come and go from your workstation. That advanced efficiency saves time and frustration when moving from desk to conference room and back again.

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Multiple Displays

Boost productivity by adding up to two monitors to your workstation. With two, or even three displays (if you include your laptop screen), connected to your docking station, it’s faster and easier to switch between your spreadsheet and email or compare documents side-by-side. We’ve even upped the experience by creating the world’s first USB 3.0 universal dock that supports dual 4K 60Hz monitors so you can view your work in even higher resolution on not just one, but two displays.

Ports for Days

When it comes to a docking station we know it’s the ports that matter most. Whether you’re looking to blaze through large data, video, and graphic files or you require an extra charge for your smartphone, we’ve got a dock for that. We’ve engineered our docking stations to support various laptop connections such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort®, Thunderbolt™, and even USB-C (also known as USB Type-C). Our docks also include essentials like an Audio In/Out jack, a lock slot, and an Ethernet port for secure wired Internet access so you don’t have to deal with spotty WiFi.

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Designed to be future-proof and universal, the USB Type-C connector will soon grace most new gadgets. It’s smaller, and supports faster data transfer than its predecessors.

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Primarily used for computer monitors, this digital display interface can send high-definition video and audio from device to display.

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Remember analog video? High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital alternative for that, and is found in a variety of consumer devices from laptops to televisions.

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Transfer data over DisplayPort and PCI Express simultaneously, and get DC power — all in a single cable.

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The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) has transferred digital content between computers and monitors since it was introduced in 1999.

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It’s a popular standard for connecting computers and phones to peripheral devices, and is seen on a breadth of gadgets from smartphones to printers.

Clean Workspace

Clutter-free and tangle-free is the way to be. A single connection links all of your peripherals to your laptop via a dock so that you can free up your desk space and keep the usual tangle of wires at bay. The wedge shape of most Targus docks is designed to sit under your laptop and maximize real estate on your desk.

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More Power To You

Our patented powered docking options supply laptop power directly to your laptop. That way you can keep your AC adapter tucked in your laptop bag for use on the go.

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3-Year Limited Warranty

Backed by an industry-leading warranty, you can count on our docking stations to provide a reliable connection and stand up to daily use.

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Go Universal

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