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Kid Tested. Professional Approved.

To the skate park! That’s where your students are heading — school-issued Chromebook in tow. That digital asset requires a durable laptop case. Here at Targus, we create laptop cases that’ll help your device survive the skate park.

Standardized Tests

Just like your students, our bags survive a ton of tests. In fact, our cases go through rigorous testing processes — some up to 25 — before they can hold laptops and No. 2 pencils. In fact, we developed our first laptop case for mobile professionals more than 30 years ago, and we’ve been perfecting the designs ever since. We use quality material and incorporate innovative protective features so we know they’ll stand up to student use. Each case is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, too.

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The Common Thread

From seam strength and abrasion resistance to water repellency and tensile strength, we put the fabric of our carrying cases through the wringer.

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Rip It. Zip It. Repeat.

Torque to tensile strength tests, fly dry peeling to dry shearing resistance assessments, our zipper and hook-and-loop closures meet rigorous standards.

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Final Exams

Our bags pass up to 25 final testing requirements to ensure they stand up to the rough-and-tumble world of K–12 classrooms.

It’s a Material World

And ours is top of the line. We take a thoughtful approach to the fabric we use and the way our bags are constructed. Heat- and water-resistant polyester stands up to regular use, and we use metal components instead of plastic — because they’re 1.5 times stronger than their counterparts. For the final product, we use double stitching and box stitching at the handles and at connector points. Combined, these details work to prevent the wear and tear of bus and board rides to class.

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Protection All Day, Every Day

Your students run to catch the bus, drag their bag to homeroom, stand in single file lines en route to the library, and sprint to practice after it all. And our products are built to withstand all of those rough-and-tumble environments.

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We’ve Got You Covered

A limited lifetime warranty comes standard with each of our laptop bags and cases so that you can feel confident that Targus laptop cases are made to last — perhaps all the way to graduation.

Get In Touch

Interested in special pricing? Our sales team can help. Need a product sample? We’ll send it right over. Want to up the ante on your school spirit? Add a school mascot or logo to your bags. We’re here and happy to chat with you about the best education solution for your school or district.

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