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Targus Brand


What makes Targus cases and accessories stand apart? Years of manufacturing experience, innovation and customer feedback go into every one of our products. At Targus, we craft cases that will endure the demands of your schedule without losing their stylish appearance.

Over the past 30 years, Targus has built a reputation for providing high-quality, best-of-breed solutions that offer a unique combination of style, versatility and protection. Our latest line of tablet and smartphone cases, the Midnight Collection, demonstrates the movement towards an even more fashion-forward experience, with the use of rich colors, textures and expressions that deliver timeless elegance across the line.

Targus is also distinguished by its innovative devices such as the first Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station, which effortlessly transforms PC laptops, MacBooks and Widows 8 tablets into full PC workstations, and the iNotebook™, which lets you transcribe what you write on paper directly to your iPad®. These are just a few of the latest examples of how Targus is taking life on-the-go to the next level and continuing to provide mobile users with forward-thinking, next-generation solutions.

At Targus, we understand that your workspace is anywhere you are thanks to the availability of ever-smaller, ever more-powerful devices. That’s why we design our cases and accessories to be the smallest form-factor possible and the lightest weight practical. Our products provide solutions for many typical challenges mobile users encounter as they travel and go about their day, including the need for power, connectivity, expansion and security. Above all, Targus products maximize the functionality and portability of your mobile devices, empowering you to do what you do even better.