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Last Updated 06/27/01

        What is it

        Features and Specifications

        What is a PowerTip

        What are the Voltages

        Support for additional Notebooks

        Support for other devices  

        What is the difference between the PA350 and  PA375?

        EmPower In-Seat Power Supply

        Technical Support


Q. Universal Auto/Air Adapter. What is a Universal Auto/Air adapter and how does it work?

A. The Universal Auto/Air Adapter functions as a programmable device to supply the proper power and/or charge capability to various models of notebook computer from a standard cigarette plug or EmPower connector.   The Universal Auto/Air uses ChargeSource technology to power and charge select notebook computers or mobile equipment (like mobile phones and portable printers) with various PowerTips.  

The Universal Auto/Air Adapter comes packaged with individual tips for use with specific notebook computers.  Once you select the correct tip from the Tip Selection Guide, connect it to the Universal Cable and the device is ready to use.  The adapter is uniquely portable in  size and weight making it easy to carry in your Targus carrying case. 

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Q. Features and Specifications. What are the Universal Auto/Air adapter specifications?

A. Specifications:


Quality engineered to power and charge your notebook

Additional source of power - like a spare battery

Sleek, compact design

Built-in circuit protection

Empower certified and guaranteed

3-year warranty


RTCA guidelines DO-160C and FCC Class B

Austel Approved



General Specifications:

1.75 feet Straight Universal Cable Cord  

2 feet cord with cigarette plug and airline connector

ChargeSource compatible

70 Watts continuous power

Over voltage shutdown

Internal thermal fuse

Output current limiter

Input Voltage:        11-16 volts DC

Output Voltage:     3-24 volts DC (determined by attached Power Tip)

Watts:                     70 watts continuous, 75 watts (maximum)

Current:                  8 amps max.

Dimensions:          4.25 x 1.75 x 1.0 inches (L x W x H)

                                10.8 x 4.45 x 2.54 cm (L x W x H)

Weight:                  8  oz

Detailed Specifications:

Input Voltage

11-16 VDC

Output Voltage

Configurable from 3-24 VDC by resistive programming interface (Power Tips)

Voltage Accuracy

+/- 0.5 VDC

Transient Load Response

Any 30% change in load shall not affect the output voltage more than +/- 5%

Ripple and noise

Less than 80 mV p-p measured at the end of the output cable

Current Limit

Configurable - range = 1.5-4Amp

Current Limit accuracy

+/- 0.2 Amp

Output power

Up to 4.5 Amp continuous, but never exceeding 85 watt continuous at any output voltage


At least 87% unit all operating conditions

Over Voltage Fault


Over-Temp Fault

Internal temperature measurement exceeds the pre-set limit of 100 degree Celsius


The unit passes CISPR22, FCC Class B, VCCI, Australia and DO-160C under full load and nominal input

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Q. PowerTips. What is a PowerTip? 

A. The PowerTip is the end that will plug into the supported notebook.  It is customized by not only connector type and size, but by adding circuitry inside the tip itself to control voltage output and current limits.  Every notebook, must be tested before being listed as compatible so to ensure that the PowerTip will function as advertised and will power your notebook, charge your battery and perform as a replacement power source.

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Q. Compatibility . What notebooks are compatible with the Universal Auto/Air adapter?

A. The Targus Universal Auto/Air Adapter is compatible with notebook computers from most major manufacturers.   Check our web site (www.targus.com/support) for compatibility information on the latest notebook models.

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Q. Voltages. What are the voltages of the different PowerTips?

A.  The PowerTips have customized voltage output, current limits, connector size and configuration depending on the machine type. 

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Q. Support for additional notebooks. Are there plans to support additional notebooks with other PowerTips?

A. Targus is continually adding support for new notebook computers. Continue to visit our web site (www.targus.com/support) for the most up to date compatibility chart. 

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Q. Supporting other devices. Will there be PowerTip support for other devices that I need to travel with such as a printer or mobile phone?

A. Power tips are currently available and can be purchased for many mobile phones, handheld computers and printers .  Compatibility charts are available on our web site (www.targus.com/support)

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Q. What is the difference between the PA350 and PA375? 

A.  The PowerTips included in the PA350  and PA375 support different computer models.

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Q. EmPower.   What does the EmPower logo mean on the Universal Auto/Air Adapter?

A. EmPower is an approved implementation of an In-Seat power supply for today's commercial airplanes (built by PRIMEX).  The EmPower in-seat power supply furnishes low voltage, DC power, directly at the seat, to permit notebook computer operation throughout the flight.  To use the system all you need is your Universal Auto/Air adapter.  Only those companies passing the rigid evaluation from PRIMEX are allowed to display the EmPower logo on their products.  The Universal Auto/Air has met and exceeded all those requirements.

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Q. Technical Support.   How do I get further assistance with my TARGUS Universal Auto/Air Adapter?

A. Technical Support can be reached at www.targus.com/support or email: TechSupport@targus.com. 

Or by phone at  one of the numbers below:

North America:  8:00am to 6:00pm EST     1-(800) 283-6325 

 Europe: Monday through Friday, 8 AM (08: 00) to 6 PM  (18: 00) C. E. T.

Belgium + 32( 0) 02- 717- 2451

Denmark + 45( 0) 35- 25- 8751

France + 33( 0) 1- 64- 53- 9151

Germany + 49( 0) 21- 16- 579- 1151

Italy + 39( 0) 24- 827- 1151

Netherlands + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9470

Spain + 34( 0) 91- 745- 6221

Sweden + 46( 0) 8- 751- 4058

Switzerland + 41( 0) 1- 212- 0007

UK + 44( 0) 20- 7744- 0330

Eastern Europe and Others + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9479

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Q. Warranty.   What is the warranty?

A.  Targus warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three years. If your Universal Auto/Air is found to be defective within that time, Targus will repair or replace your Universal Auto/Air. This warranty does not cover damage from everyday wear and tear, or from transportation by a common carrier.  

Under no conditions is Targus liable for any of the following: loss or damage to a computer; loss of, or damage to, programs, records, or data; and consequential or incidental damages, even if Targus is informed of their possibility

Warranty Registration at www.targus.com