Port USB Keypad (PAUK001v2.0)

Last Updated 07/02/01


        What is the USB Keypad?

        What are the Specifications?

        What is the difference between  Version 1.0 and 2.0?

        How do I tell which version I have?

        Can I use the PS/2 Adapter from the PAUK001  v2.0 with my original PAUK001?

       Installation USB with Windows 98

        Installation USB with Windows 2000

        Installation USB with MacIntosh

      Installation PS/2 with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0

        Troubleshooting - Incorrect Keys getting entered from Keypad

        Troubleshooting -  NumLock key on keypad changes keys on keyboard

        Keypad Utility - installing a new version

        Light - The light on the keypad doesn't operate the way I expected.  How does it work?

        Using on a Macintosh Notebook

        Technical Support

        Warranty Information


Q. What is the USB Combo Keypad?

A. The Targus  USB  Keypad is the perfect solution for fast and accurate numeric data entry, particularly if you prefer a full-size numeric keypad.  This 17-Key keypad is ideal for use with spreadsheet, financial and accounting applications. Version 2.0 also  includes a standard USB connector, and a PS/2 Adapter for computers that do not have a USB port.

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Q. What are the Specifications?


Weight:  150 grams (5.3 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.3” x 3.5” x 1.0” (135 x 89 x 26mm)
Cable Length  2 ft. maximum
Regulatory  CE and FCC Class B
USB Compliance v1.1 compliant USB port
Operating Systems  

Win 95/98/2000 


Mac OS8.6 or greater


Voltage  5V 10%
Key travel 0.13” (3.3mm)
Power Consumption 20mA maximum
Numeric Keycap Surface 0.5” x 0.6” (13mm x 15mm)
Keycap dimension  0.7” x 0.7” x 0.1” (18.1 x 18.1 x 2.4mm)

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Q. What is the difference between version 1.0 and 2.0?

A. Version 1.0 has a USB Connector.   Version 2.0 of the keypad has a USB to PS/2 adapter that allows it to be used on computers and with operating systems that don't support USB.

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Q. How do I tell which version of the keypad I have?

A. On the bottom of the Keypad you will find a sticker.  On the new keypads, the Model Number will say PAUK001 V2.0.  The original version will just say PAUK001.

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Q. Can I use the PS/2  adapter with the original version of the PAUK001?

A. The PS/2 adapter will only work with version 2.0 of the keypad.  

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Q. Installation - USB Connection with Windows 98 

A. Plug the USB connector into the USB port. The first time you connect the keypad, a dialog box appears informing you that Windows has detected new hardware. This installation describes typical screens that may appear. The screens that appear on your computer may vary.

The Add New Hardware Wizard dialog box displays the prompt "This wizard searches for new drivers for: USB Human Interface Device:". Click Next.

The next dialog box displays the question "What do you want Windows to do? followed by two choices. Select the second choice, "Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you can select the driver you want." Then click Next.

When the default driver is located, the name of the driver "USB Human Interface Device" appears in the dialog box. Highlight the driver name and click Next. Windows is now ready to install the selected driver. Click Next again.

A dialog box appears with the message "Windows has finished installing the software that your new hardware device requires.", click Finish

The previous steps will repeat until all three drivers are installed. 

Note: If the operating system is unable to locate the drivers, you need to insert the Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM, or install the Win98 cab files onto your hard disk drive in the c:\windows\options\cabs folder.

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Q.  Installation -USB Connection with Windows 2000 

A. Plug the USB connector into the USB port. A dialog box appears informing you that Windows has "Detected New Hardware." The compatible driver is installed automatically. When the Detected New Hardware dialog box closes, the installation is complete.

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Q. Installation -USB Connection with a Macintosh Computer

A. Plug the USB connector into the Macintosh USB port. The operating system does the rest.

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Q.  Installation -PS/2 Connection with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, or 2000

A. Plug the USB connector into the PS/2 Adapter. Plug the PS/2 Adapter into the PS/2 port and reboot the computer. The operating system does the rest.

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Q. Troubleshooting -Incorrect Keys.  When typing on the keypad why do I get characters such as “!” or “@”?

A. The USB keypad mimics the numbers keys of your notebook keyboard.  In some keyboards you’ll notice that the top row of numbers + characters has the numbers as shift characters.  Meaning to get a “1” you have to type shift+”!” which enters a “1” character.  We’ve identified both French and Belgium language keyboards that are configured this way.  When the USB keypad is connected to a notebook with this configuration, typing a “1” on the keypad actually enters in a “!” character.  To correct this, please download the USB Keypad Utility from the technical support area of our web site (www.targus.com/support)

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Q. Troubleshooting-   NumLock key on keypad changes keys on computer's keyboard

A. The USB keypad has a NumLock key which mimics your NumLock key function of your internal keyboard.  Press the NumLock to go into number mode.  Press it again  and the keypad will be in directional mode.  


Some  keyboard controllers do not support the separate operation of the external & internal NumLock  function.  If pressing the NumLock on your keypad also toggles the NumLock on  your keyboard, you will need to use a keypad utility. A disk with the utility was shipped with the keypad.   If you do not have the disk, or to get the latest version of the utility, check our web site (www.targus.com/support)

On a Macintosh notebook, the NumLock key is not recognized and will do nothing.

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Q. Keypad Utility -   Installing a newer version

A. As new revisions of the keypad utility are available, they are posted on the web (www.targus.com/support).  Be certain to  use the Add/Remove Programs wizard to uninstall any previous versions of the utility before installing an update. 

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Q. Light - The light on the keypad doesn't operate the way I expected.  How does it work?

A. The function of the LED light  on the keypad depends on the configuration you are using.

If the Keypad is plugged into the PS/2 Port 

The light is on whenever the keypad is plugged in.  It indicates that there is power to the keypad.

 If the Keypad is plugged into the USB Port  in Windows environment- 

If you are not using the keypad patch the light will indicate weather NumLock is engaged or not (on when NumLock is on, off for overlay)

If you are using the keypad utility, the light is off regardless of the status of NumLock.  The utility places an icon labeled "123" in your system tray which indicates the status of NumLock.

If the Keypad is plugged into the USB Port  in MAC environment

The LED  light is on when the keypad is plugged into the USB port of the computer. 

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Q. Macintosh.   Using the PAUK001  a Macintosh.

A. The USB keypad is USB compliant and can be used on a Macintosh USB port; however the MAC OS does not recognize all of the keypad functions.  The keypad will essentially only function as a numeric device.  The directional commands and the Numlock key will not function.

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Q. Technical Support.   How do I get further assistance with my PAUK001?

A. If after reading the FAQ information you need additional assistance:

Technical Support can be reached at www.targus.com/support or email: TechSupport@targus.com. 

Or by phone at  one of the numbers below:

North America:  8:00am to 6:00pm EST     1-(800) 283-6325 

 Europe: Monday through Friday, 8 AM (08: 00) to 6 PM  (18: 00) C. E. T.

Belgium + 32( 0) 02- 717- 2451

Denmark + 45( 0) 35- 25- 8751

France + 33( 0) 1- 64- 53- 9151

Germany + 49( 0) 21- 16- 579- 1151

Italy + 39( 0) 24- 827- 1151

Netherlands + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9470

Spain + 34( 0) 91- 745- 6221

Sweden + 46( 0) 8- 751- 4058

Switzerland + 41( 0) 1- 212- 0007

UK + 44( 0) 20- 7744- 0330

Eastern Europe and Others + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9479


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Q. Warranty.   What is the warranty?

A. This product is covered by the Targus one year warranty.  If the unit fails to operate as specified contact Technical Support as indicated above.  Technical support will troubleshoot the failure and make arrangements to repair or replace the unit if necessary.

WARRANTY: Targus  warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year. If this product is found to be defective within that time, Targus will repair or replace your product. This warranty does not cover damage from everyday wear and tear, or from transportation by a common carrier.  

Under no conditions is Targus  liable for any of the following: loss or damage to a computer; loss of, or damage to, programs, records, or data; and consequential or incidental damages, even if Port is informed of their possibility.

Warranty Registration at www.targus,com