Ballistic Nylon
With experience designing notebook cases since 1983, Targus has heard a few stories, and while we don’t encourage you to surf down the stairs on your case and hope you never have your case crushed in the back of a car, a handful of Targus customers have been there. And, they have survived to tell us about their stories and their resulting commitment to Targus products. For the Corporate Traveller line, we rested on a special blend of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon, knowing that when push comes to shove, these cases will hold together and continue to deliver the same exceptional performance when appearances matter the most.


Equalizer® II: Ergonomic Shoulder Strap
While waiting for hours in line or dashing to a connecting flight, the Targus commitment to mobility becomes clear. In the Equalizer® II, Targus realised the remarkable accomplishment of creating a strap that evenly distributes weight thanks to a flexible neoprene material and cross-stitched technique that allows the material to stretch freely without compromising strength or becoming rigid and uncomfortable. Always on the go? Recognising a great opportunity to protect damage on the front lines, we included a non-slip texturing to avoid accidental spills, especially when rushing through those long security lines before safely storing your notebook.

Abrasion Test Data

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test is important in determining the durability of material, and its ability to withstand daily wear-and-tear. Targus Corporate Traveller cases are constructed of 1680D nylon, which is both lightweight and strong. The abrasion test concluded that Targus’ Corporate Traveller cases outperformed its competition.

Abrasion testing is done by rotating a test specimen, on a vertical axis, against two revolving abrading wheels. 500g weights were added to each wheel arm for more intense abrasion. The abrading wheels revolve in 1,000 cycle intervals, scraping against the material, until the material shows wear. The higher the cycle number, the better the resistance to abrasion.

Strap Strength Test Data

Every day use can affect the strength of shoulder straps over time. All Targus Corporate Traveller cases feature the Equalizer® II strap, which is ergonomically designed for comfort and out-performs its competition in durability and endurance. Results of the Shoulder Strap Strength Test reveal the Targus Equalizer® II strap is more than 1.5 times stronger than its nearest competitor, and more than twice as strong as other brands.

Each end of the shoulder strap was affixed to weights. Starting at 22 pounds, the straps were pulled 250 times; after which, another 22 pounds were added. For each weight increase of 22 pounds, the strap was pulled another 250 times. This process was repeated until the point of failure. The higher the number, the stronger the shoulder strap.