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Privacy Matters
The need to protect confidential information has never been more prevalent in the modern work environment. The costs associated with stolen data to the company or individual can be huge. Not just in monetary terms, but also in terms of compromising individual rights. The mobile worker needs to feel comfortable when looking at data on the move. Desktop users in large departments need to feel at ease when viewing sensitive information. This is even more of a concern in Finance, Human Resources and Accounts departments, where prying eyes could view information only intended for restricted viewing.

Targus privacy screens come with an easy to assemble kit which includes adhesive strips and tabs, an easy to follow user guide and a cleaning cloth for product longevity.

The need to protect the information on your screen is clear, but not sure which size Privacy Screen you need for your laptop, monitor or desktop? Find the perfect fit, by selecting your hardware on our Privacy Screen Finder:

Need help finding the right privacy screen or having trouble finding your device on our configurator? Call Targus Customer Support on +44 (0) 207 744 0330.