Wireless Optical Mini Mouse with Charger


The Targus Wireless Optical Mini Mouse with USB Charger Cradle is the ideal solution that addresses high power consumption issues faced by all wireless optical mice. It allows you to navigate your notebook or desktop computer from a distance up to 3 feet - without the hassle of any cords! The optical sensor feature and digital signal processor reads and follows your mouse moves thus eliminating erratic cursor movement and the need to clean your mouse pad. These two features combined allow the mouse to be used on virtually any surface and position...On the road or in the office, this is the perfect mouse for the road warrior in you. The Charger Cradle works as a cradle/docking station for the Wireless Mouse. It connects to the laptop/desktop PC via a USB cord and connects to the wall with the included AC Adapter. The Cradle also provides a connection/shelter to the thumb-sized USB wireless receiver via a built-in USB port. When the Wireless Mini Mouse is used on the desktop, it transmits RF signal to the USB receiver that fits in the Charger Cradle, and sends signal to the laptop/desktop PC. When not in use, the Wireless Mouse can dock in the charger cradle for recharging, guaranteeing that your batteries are always completely charged.

Exterior Dimensions 9.9 x 7.0 x 4.6 cm
Colour Silver
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Weight 90.72g - 260.8g with AC Adaptor
Connectivity Instant plug and play- no drivers required
Connectivity Connection/shelter for the thumb-sized USB wireless receiver via a built-in USB port.
Other Navigate a mouse up to 90 cm from a notebook or desktop with no wires
Other Optical sensor & digital signal processor
Other Small USB receiver key
Other LED on scroller wheel lights when batteries are low
Other USB Charger cradle/docking station
Travel-Friendly Small, lightweight ergonomic design