Targus USB Charge and Sync Cable for Palm m500/505


Targus is pleased to announce a new HotSync cabling solution for Palm m500/505 users. The Targus HotSync-Charge USB Cable is the first all-in-one cabling solution that allows synchronization of data and simultaneous recharging of your Palm OS PDA. This elegant solution eliminates the need to use the cradle. Additionally, there is no need to carry an additional AC to DC power adapter for charging purposes.

Implemented through USB technology, the Targus HotSync-Charge cable is an excellent choice for any mobile traveller. USB offers an immediate power source from virtually all notebooks, so there is no need to worry about having the correct power adapter when travelling...The HotSync-Charge cable keeps you powered up and in touch.

Other 65.2g
Other 91.4cm
Power All-in-one charging and synchronization cabling solution