USB-C Multiplexer Adapter (for ACP71/77)


The USB-C multiplexer adapter is designed to extend the functionality of ACP71/77 USB3.0 docking station into a fully compatible USB-C docking station. The USB-C adapter will make various docking station features possible including dual video output, Ethernet, USB connectivity and up to 90W laptop charging. When connected to an ACP7701AUZ or ACP7702AUZ docking station up to 2K resolution can be achieved in a dual display monitor configuration. This is the perfect companion device for existing users of ACP71/77 who are looking to transition to USB-C laptop without purchasing a new docking station.

Features Converts ACP71/77 into a fully compatible USB-C docking station
Features Charges USB-C laptop to 90w
Features High resolution dual video capability (up to 1k with ACP71AU or 2k with ACP7701AUZ
Features High speed USB3.0 data connectivity (up to 5Gbps) and 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
Features RoHS compliant