Universal Monitor Stand


The Targus Universal Monitor Stand houses your notebook computer and docking device, saving valuable desk space. It can support an external monitor weighing up to 36.3kg and features a convenient slide out tray for easy access to your notebook. The Universal Monitor Stand's open architectural design provides quick access to all of your notebook computer’s PC Card slots, bays, diskette and DVD/CD-ROM drives. It also allows for convenient storage space on a desk where a hanging cubicle cabinet is present. There is even a 5cm riser that will allow you to raise the monitor stand height for larger Port Replicator or docking stations.

Colour Black
Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty
Technical Load Capacity: 100 lb
[USA] Works With PCs and Macs
[USA] Dimensions 19.8" x 14.0" x 5.54" (W x H x D)
[USA] Weight 4.42 lb
[USA] Package Dimensions 19.50" x 14.25" x 3.25" (W x H x D)
[USA] Package Weight 5.71 lb
Convenient slide-out tray for easy placement of laptop/docking station under monitor
Easy tool-free assembly required
Houses your laptop computer and docking device
Open architectural design provides quick access to all of your laptop computer’s peripherals
Supports an external monitor weighing up to 100 lbs
Two position heights (offers clearance of 3.75” or 5.75” for your laptop and docking solution needs)