Traveler CoolPad®


The Traveler CoolPad® raises the back edge of your laptop to increase airflow, improving the cooling efficiency of your laptop, doing wonders for your mobile work environment! The CoolPad® also allows a 360-degree rotation of your laptop, while the six small rubber pads on the bottom provide a tight grip, ideal for air travelers. Offering more than just ergonomic benefits, the CoolPad® also protects your laptop from liquid spills!

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty
Size 10.25" x 6.75" x 0.75"
Weight 9 oz
Tool Yes
Nothing to attach or assemble
Prevents your laptop from overheating; the more air under the laptop, the greater the heat dissipation
Rotates 360 degrees
Works with all laptops
Adjustable Resolution Adjustable height allows for the most ergonomic viewing angle and best possible comfort.