Targus Thumbpad for Palm V

SKU: PA790

The Targus Palm Portable Keyboard is the smallest keyboard for your Palm V. This truly unique "thumb-type" keyboard clips on to the bottom of the serial port on your PDA for fast, truly portable typing, so there's no need for an external stand or a flat surface. Your Palm and the keyboard act as one unit. Ideally suited for your short messages, notes, and PIM maintenance, this ThumbPad attracts attention for all the right reasons. It helps you maximize the potential of your Palm while its lightweight, versatile features keep you on the go and in command...Type anything, anywhere with the ThumbPad Keyboard!

Other Working - 3V, below 1mA Sleeping - 3V, 0.5_A
Colour Silver
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Weight 39.7g
Compatibility Palm V
Size 9.91 x 7.11 x 1.27cm
Other Palm Portable Keyboard
Other Helps You Maximize the Potential of your Palm V
Other Clips on to the bottom of the serial port of your PDA
Other Does away with the external stand as PDA + Keyboard behaves as one unit
Other Ideal for short messages, notes, & PIM maintenance
Other Programmable Hot Key Function - Enter Commands & Options with special function keys
Other No Need for External Battery- Very Low Power Consumption
Travel-Friendly Small, Lightweight, & Versatile- Type anything, anywhere with the ThumbPad Keyboard!