Stowaway Portable Keyboard for HP Jornada


The Targus Stowaway™ Portable Keyboard for HP Jornada allows you to quickly and comfortably type emails, take notes and send faxes faster and with more ease. It is a full-size keyboard that instantly folds down to the size of a handheld computer (Palm PC). The Stowaway™ has the same key spacing as a standard desktop keyboard so it is comfortable to use, plus, at only 225g it won't weigh you down. It is designed to work with the new HP Jornada 540. The HP Jornada 540 connects directly without cables because the Stowaway™ has a built-in dock that holds your Jornada at the perfect viewing angle. The Stowaway™ is an essential add-on for any user, enabling these devices to live up to their full potential – on the road, at home or away from the office. You can do more anytime, anywhere with the Targus Stowaway™ Portable Keyboard.

Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Weight 225 g
Exterior Material Made of glass-filled polycarbonate and aluminium for high durability
Technical Full 3mm downward key travel
Technical Key spacing - Full 19mm pitch (space between keys), both horizontally and vertically (the same as desktop keyboards)
Compatibility 520, 540 and 560 series.
Size 9 x 13 x 2 cm
Size 35 x 13 x 1 cm
Other Built-in docking station for the HP Jornada 540 eliminating messy cables
Other Standard QWERTY layout with 69 keys; including special keys for computer functions such as Calendar, Address Book, To DO List, Memo, and many command buttons, such as Done, New, Details, Cancel
Other User Programmable Keys allowing for maximum efficiency
Other 100% full size keyboard when opened
Pocket Folds to fit in your pocket or purse
Power Works off handheld’s powered supply with minimal energy drain