Stowaway Portable Keyboard for Handspring Visor


Introducing the new Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard for the Handspring Visor that will allow you to quickly and comfortably enter text into your handheld, without having to carry around a full-size keyboard. This Stowaway Handspring Visor keyboard conveniently fits in your pocket or purse and when in use, it folds out into a full size keyboard. This Stowaway keyboard is an essential add-on for any Visor user, enabling your Handspring Visor to live up to its full potential - on the road, at home or away from the office.

No more lost opportunities. No more last data. No more lost moments. Now you can type e-mail, take notes, and enter data anytime, anywhere on a full size portable Handspring Visor keyboard!

Weight 7.9 ounces
Other Calendar, Address Book, To-Do List, Memo, plus many command and programmable keys
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Technical CE, FCC, VCCI, Austel
Technical Greater than 5 million cycles
Technical 19mm horizontally and vertically (same as desktop keyboards)
Technical Works off Hand-Held's power supply with minimal energy drain
Technical 100% QWERTY Keyboard with shortcut and function keys for maximum efficiency
Compatibility Works with applications that support text input
Compatibility Works with Handspring Visor handhelds running Palm OS v3.1 or greater. NOT compatible with the Visor Edge
Size 3.6 x 5.1 x .8 in.
Size 13.8 x 5.1 x .4 in.
Compatibility Handspring Visor Keyboard
Other Winner of 3 prestigious awards at the Consumer Electronics Show Innovations 2000: Best of Show - Computer Hardware, Innovations honor, and a WorkStyle Award
Other Recommended Carrying Case:Targus PDA and Keyboard Case
Other Currently only available in the U.S.
Other Special keys link directly to Visor calendar, address book, to do list, and memo applications
Other Short-cut and function keys allow maximum efficiency
Other No More Lost Opportunities! Now Do More Anytime, Anywhere with the Full Size Portable Handspring Visor Keyboard!
Other Built in dock eliminates the fuss of cables
Pocket Folds to fit in your pocket or purse