Slim Line DVD/ CD-ROM PC Card Drive


The Targus Slim Line DVD/CD-ROM PC Card Drive is the perfect accessory for the mobile professional who needs access to CD or DVD based information anywhere. The PA900E connects to any PC through the PC Card Slot. It's compact enough for any briefcase or notebook PC case. This drive allows users to access DVD/CD-ROM information or movies on their notebook PC's.

Other Includes: Slim Line CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM Drive, PC Card Interface and Cable, MPEG Software CD (optional), Driver Diskette, User's Guid (AC Adapter or Keyboard Power Cord optional)
Colour Silver
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Device Compatibility Easy 16-bit PCMCIA Type I or Type II Connection Plug and Play Operation under Windows 95 and Windows 98/2000
Technical 10,820Kbytes/secDVD (8x) 3600Kbytes/sec CD-ROM (24x)
Technical Supports Windows 95, Windows 98/2000, and Windows NT
Other High quality DVD playback and sound
Other Works with the #1 DVD software decoder on the market "Media Matics DVDExpress"
Other Allows you to play DVD movies, presentations, CD applications, music and videos
Other 16-Bit Data Transfers
Other Extended Battery life on DVD playback- two additional hours over the competition (the notebook battery will die before the DVD battery will die)
Other Portable: Fits any Briefcase or Notebook PC Case
Power Powered from your Notebook PC (through PCMCIA Slot or Integrated rechargeable batteries) or from the optional Keyboard or AC Power Adapter
Size 16.3 x 13.7 x 2.3cm
Weight Lightweight: 510 grammes