PORT-Noteworthy Slim-line 24X CD-ROM PC Card Drive


Now it's easy to toss in a CD-ROM drive when you pack for business trips. Weighing in at under one pound, this is the ultimate portable CD-ROM solution. It uses a Micro Power Management System that draws power from your PC Card slot only when needed.

Colour Silver
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Compatibility From Notebook PC Card slot and/or through an external PS/2 cable Power Adapter (optional) or AC Adapter(optional)
Device Compatibility Compatable with any PC Card capable notebook
Technical ATAPI CD-ROM
Technical PC Card 16 bit/Standard IDE
Technical 3600 KB/s 24x
Technical 5.4V
Technical DOS/Win3.x, Windows NT (no drivers needed for Windows 95/98/2000)
Technical 256K
Connectivity Easy PC Card Type I or Type II Connection
Connectivity Plug and Play Operation under Windows 95/98 & Windows 2000
Power Powered from Notebook PC Card slot, PS/2 Keyboard Port (optional), External power adapter (optional)