PORT-Noteworthy Portable DVD/CD-Rom PC Card Drive


The perfect accessory for the mobile professional who needs access to CD or DVD information anywhere. It's compact, lightweight, portable, versatile, and fast. The NWDVD01 connects your notebook through the PC Card slot. Using a unique "Power Management System", the CD-ROM/DVD Drive is completely mobile, drawing what little power it needs from your PC Card slot. It only draws power when needed. During idle times, the NWDVD01 requires almost no power and thus, will not cause a severe drain on your notebook's own battery.

Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Compatibility Pentium II or Higher 300mHZ Minimum; Trident Video Chip set; 64 MB of RAM
Compatibility DVD video compatibility with the following Toshiba notebooks: 4030, 4060, 4080, 2595, 8000, 3110 and all Toshiba notebook Jan 2000 and beyond.
Compatibility PC Card Type I or Type II Slot
Technical PC Card 16 bit
Technical 3600 KB/s 24x CD-ROM5400KB/s (4x) DVD
Technical 860 mA (seek)750 mA (read) 1300 mA (peak)
Technical DVD-ROM Random 180 ms; DVD-ROM Full Stroke 360 ms;CD-ROM Random 120 ms;CD-ROM Full Stroke 300 ms
Connectivity Instant plug and play
Other No MPEG-2 Decoder card or chip required. Free Mediamatics decode software coupon (for compatible notebooks only).
Other Supports Windows 95/98/2000 (Data and DVD Video modes), NT 4.0 (Data mode only, 3.0 and Mac OS
Power Powered through PC card slot or from the PS/2 power cable
Travel-Friendly Lightweight and Portable