Targus Mobile Port Replicator


With single USB connection to Windows ME, XP as well as 98 and 2000 based computers, provides instant attachment to the accessories you use most: mice, keyboards, printers, PDA's, scanners, speakers, cameras, external modems, joysticks and other items. There's no need to turn off your computer to add or remove devices-simply plug and unplug them as needed. The USB Mobile Expansion Hub features a self-powered stand alone USB hub with two USB ports, a serial port, a parallel printer port, a mouse (PS/2) port, a keyboard (PS/2) port and a power connection. The port replicator allows easy connection to your notebook computer on the road or at home.

Other Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Technical Mouse (PS/2)
Technical Keyboard (PS/2)
Technical 2 USB Ports (A Type)
Technical Printer port (DB25)
Technical Serial Port (DB9)
Size 15.2 x 5.7 x 2.3cm
Connectivity Includes a 0.91 metre USB Cable (B type to A type Connection)
Connectivity Connects virtually any PS/2, parallel, serial and USB device
Other Supports Windows ME, XP as well as 98 and 2000 based computers with USB ports
Other Add or remove devices without reconfiguring or rebooting your computer