The DEFCON™ 3 Security System is the most advanced protection available to mobile computer users combining the convenience of a remote control with a 94 decibel alarm. To operate you simply attach the unit to your computer carrying case via the stainless steel cable. The DEFCON™ 3’s remote control keychain span is up to 12 metres away making this the perfect travel companion for airports, hotel lobbies, car rental counters and more. The technology in the DEFCON™ 3 detects when the cable is severed or the item is moved or shaken, triggering the piercing alarm. LED lights provide a visual deterrent and an ‘armed’ alarm status. Plus, your remote control ID code is unique and will only respond to your unit, not others. You can activate, program, arm, disarm, and deactivate at the touch of a button.

Other Diameter: 1.6mmLength: 15.4cm
Weight 82 g
Technical 94dB alarm siren; choice of six different siren sounds
Technical Siren activated when cable is severed
Technical Sired activated when motion sensor is armed and triggered
Technical Motion sensor triggered when device is moved or shaken
Size 8.7cm x 5.35cm x 1.6cm
Other Panic Alarm/Locator Sounds Immediate Siren for Personal Protection or to Locate the Alarm unit and the Item to Which it’s attached.
Other Severed Cable or Motion Detection Triggers High or Low Pitch Alarm
Other Control All Functions of Alarm Unit up to 12 metres away
Pocket Keychain Remote Control Convenience, Pocket-sized Alarm
Technical Remote control range up to 12 metres