DEFCON® T-Lock Keyed Cable Lock – 25 Pack


The Targus DEFCON® T-Lock Keyed Cable Lock is a sturdy locking devices featuring a 1.8m steel cable with a pass through loop on one end and lock on the other end. Any attempts to remove one of the individual locks, will noticeably damage the computer, preventing resale and therefore discouraging theft. The locks utilise the security slot already built into your laptop computer. Each individual Keyed Cable Lock also ships with two identical keys, giving you the peace of mind of a back-up key. The master key solution also offers an administrator master key that can unlock all 25 locks. The Master Keys are ordered separately to maintain security of the product.

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Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty
Weight 0.60 kg ea
Size 1.8m cable ea
Material Galvanized steel cable
Features Features a sturdy 1.8m galvanized steel cable
RoHS Compliant Yes
Security Lock Comes with two identical keys per lock; no combination to remember
Security Lock Utilize the security slot already built into your laptop to attach this lock
Security Lock Locks any computer, projector or LCD monitor equipped with a lock slot