DEFCON® Dual T-Lock Keyed Cable Lock


The DEFCON® Dual T-Lock Keyed Cable Lock is a dual locking device featuring a 1.8m steel cable with a pass through loop on one end and two locks on the other end. This allows two devices to be secured with a single cable lock. Any attempts to remove it will damage the computer, preventing resale and therefore discouraging theft. The lock utilises the security slot already built into many laptop computers today. This dual cable lock also ships with two identical keys giving you the peace of mind of a back-up key. This product also comes with a master key solution giving administrator the ability to unlock a pre-determined set of cable locks with a single master key (sold separately and must be ordered together with cable locks).

Exterior Dimensions 17.5 x 2.2 x 18.5 cm
Colour Dark Grey
Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty
Country of Origin China
Weight 0.20kg
Material Galvanised Steel
Convenience Convenience - Comes with two identical keys; no combination to remember
Functionality and Design Utilise the security slot already built into your laptop to attach this lock
Lock Slot Lock attaches to your laptop using the rectangular Lock Slot (standard on all laptops); impeding theft and acting as a great deterrent.
Other Construction - Features a sturdy 1.8m galvanised steel cable
RoHS Compliant Yes
Security Lock Protect your device - Locks any computer, projector or LCD monitor equipped with a lock slot
Security Lock Security mechanism is locked and unlocked using a key.