Targus 65W Slim & Light Laptop Charger


Modern design meets the demands of modern life with the Targus 65W Slim & Light Laptop Charger. The adapter offers quick and convenient charging with built-in surge protection to keep all of your mobile devices safe from unexpected surges and spikes.
It also features an interchangeable tip system, which is convenient for those who own multiple laptops as it provides compatibility across major laptop brands. Slim and light for travel, this charger is smaller than most conventional power adapters and takes up less space in your bag. Get extra charging power without the bulk. The Targus 65W Slim and Light Laptop Charger is designed to support your laptops right out of the box.

Colour Black
Warranty Limited 2-Year Warranty
Country of Origin China
Weight 0.6kg
Device Compatibility Designed for major PC laptops
Size 15.0 x 5.0 x 11.0 cm