24CD Odyssey Playercase

SKU: EK5833

This 24 CD Odyssey Playercase holds up to 24 CD's, a portable CD player, and accessories. Convenient headset opening allows listener to plug headphones in and enjoy music while player is carefully protected within. CD's are stored in two-sided, patented BubbleSleeves, designed to protect CD's and reduce surface contact by 50%. Detachable sleeves also clip in and out of all cdProjects products for safe and easy transport.

Colour Silver
Other Holds 24 CDs, a portable CD Player and accessories
Other Sleeves will not stick to CDs
Other The striking reflective exterior houses an accessory pouch for the transport of additional items
Other The zipper closure makes sure that the CDs stay snug within the case
Pocket Two pocket sleeve holds CD and booklet separately